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5 DIY Halloween Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!#DIY4Halloween

Halloween is just days away!  What projects are you still working on?  I know things get all crazy in the days right before a holiday and then I remember at the last minute that I volunteered to bring cupcakes….always happens.  So!  I’ve put together 5 awesome ways to decorate your Halloween cupcakes that anyone can do in a pinch!  I found the supplies to make these cupcakes at Jo-Ann.  These DIY Halloween cupcakes are being shared as part of their sponsored Halloween campaign – a HALLOWEEN TO DIY for!!

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Mummy Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

White Decorator Icing (or desired base color – it will peek through the mummy strips)
“Wilton “Mummy” Cupcake Decorating Kit
kitchen scissors

Instructions:  These cupcakes are so easy to make!  Spread a layer of icing over the top of your cupcake – no need for it to be neat or smooth.  Use kitchen scissors to cut strips of sugar-dusted fondant (“mummy strips”) and place in semi-straight lines over the top of the cupcake.  The kit has the strips rolled into sections that each cover one cupcake, so it makes it really simple!  Lay a strip or two at an angle across the cupcake.  Place two small dots of icing in the desired place for the eyes (also included in the kit).  Gently press the candy eyes on top of the icing.  Presto!5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

 Easy Decorative Paper-Topped Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Frosting – any kind
Edible Decorating Paper (Sugar Sheets)
Decorative Toothpicks/Cupcake Wrappers (optional)

Instructions:  These Sugar Sheets from Wilton couldn’t be easier to use.  Spread a nice layer of frosting on top of your cupcake.  Cut a shape out of the sugar sheet and plunk it on top.  I cut simple circles (and used my scrapbooking circle cutters to do it).  The sheet cuts easily with a knife and is pretty soft, flexible, and thin.  I think you could even use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.  Add a decorative toothpick to the center or leave them as is!  There are tons of Sugar Sheets in various patterns and colors at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores and they’re only a few dollars per sheet – I bought this houndstooth print at the Wilton store when I was there in the spring, so I’m not sure about the availability of this specific pattern, but there’s a nice damask and zebra in black and white available at Jo-Ann online.

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Candy Corn Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Decorator Icing
Orange and Yellow Gel Food Coloring
Candy Corns
Piping Bag and large coupler set
Tip #1M

Instructions: Use for coloring to tint icing yellow and orange.  Place into plastic Ziploc baggies.  When ready to use, snip the corner off the bottom of the baggy and place inside piping bag with open corner pushed down into the tip.  Using tip #1M, pipe two swirls around the cupcake of each color, yellow, then orange, then white.  Top with a candy corn.  Please note:  These make quite the top-heavy, yet excitement-inducing cupcake.  You can use a smaller tip for smaller icing mounds.  Also, make your swirls just inside the top of the cupcake and then decrease the diameter of each subsequent swirl to decrease the risk of the icing spilling over the edges of the cupcake once it’s done.

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Ghost Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Decorator Icing in white
Pre-Colored Black Decorator Icing
Piping Bag and couplers
Tip #2A (uses the large coupler set)
Tip #2 (uses the small coupler set)

Instructions:  With Tip #2A, pipe two stacked swirls of white icing (the second swirl a bit smaller than the first) on the top of the cupcake.  Hold the tip vertically and squeeze a pool of frosting on the top center, keeping the tip close to the base – as you release pressure on the piping bag, quickly lift the tip straight up to make a point.  Attach Tip #2 directly onto the black icing container and pipe two eyes and a mouth.

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

Spiderweb Cupcakes

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!


White Frosting
Pre-Colored Black Decorator Icing
Tip #2 (uses the small coupler set)
spider rings (optional)

Instructions:Use a knife or spatula to frost a smooth flat top on the cupcakes with white icing (you could use colored frosting, too).  With the small tip #2 attached to the black icing tube, pipe a center dot and then 3-4 rings around the top of the cupcake – like a bullseye.  Using a toothpick to drag the black icing from the center dot out to the edge.  Repeat the dragging motion in equal segments around the cupcake – about 6-8 segments – kind of like slicing a pie.  Top with a toy spider/spider ring!

Speed up cupcake decorating with pre-made frosting that tastes good and can be piped for decorating!

One more thing:  I usually like to make my own frosting, but sometimes that extra step is just the final straw in running out of time to make something special.  For these cupcakes, I used this pre-made frosting that is available at Jo-Ann.  It’s made my Wilton and you know what?  It actually tastes pretty darn good!  It’s great for coloring and piping.  And if you use a coupon, you’ll probably spend less than buying the butter and eggs to make a couple batches of Swiss Meringue Buttercream (my personal favorite, though kids probably prefer this type of icing).  Just wanted to give you my two cents on this stuff because I’ve been wondering about it for a good long while!

5 Awesome DIY Halloween Cupcakes that anyone can make!

The community at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores would love to see YOUR last-minute Halloween projects!!  Share your projects by tagging them #DIY4Halloween and you could be featured.

 You can see loads of projects and inspiration by clicking here!  

**This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores. I share only my honest opinion and personal tips/inspiration. **

DIY Leggings Tutorial

Simple way to make DIY Leggings that turn out great!

With the cooler weather, I’m finding myself sewing more with knits and cozy fabrics.  I’ve found that the quality of knits varies greatly and I was eager to try out some of the Riley Blake knits, as I haven’t used them before.  I loved these basic striped knits because they come in every color – I only got the orange and black for now, because I knew I’d be doing a Halloweenish post, but after sewing with them and having the girls wear them day after day (after day), I will be ordering some additional colors.  The fabric is a thicker cotton jersey knit – so perfect for kid and adult basics like tees and leggings – I have a wider stripe on my cutting table right now for a top for myself.  My girls live in leggings most of the fall and winter – they’re perfect with a tunic or layered with dresses and cardigans.

Simple way to make DIY Leggings that turn out great!
Today, I’ll show you how to sew up a pile of DIY leggings by making your own pattern from a good-fitting pair of leggings already in your child’s dresser!  You can use the following steps and create a paper pattern for the leggings or simply cut directly into the fabric.  This tutorial was originally posted on the Riley Blake Design Team blog.

You will need:

1 yard of cotton jersey knit
1″ wide elastic
ball point or jersey sewing machine needle
pair of well fitting leggings or leggings pattern
serger (optional)

Let’s get started:


Turn the sample leggings inside out and lay them flat with the side of the leg along a vertical fold in the fabric you’ll be using.  You want the stretch to go side to side.  You can go up to about a size 7/8 with a yard of fabric (be sure to pre-wash to allow for shrinkage!).

Draw a line or cut out one leg.  You want to cut about 3/4″ below the cuff to allow for hemming.  You also want to cut 1″ above the waistline to allow for the elastic waistband.  Notice that the waist on the finished sample leggings comes in just a bit – cut the top of your leg piece straight – the elastic will pull it in when finishing.  Also, use the backside of the pants as your template – we will adjust for the front in a subsequent step.


Cut two symmetrical legs on the fold.  Be sure to match stripes vertically and between the two legs if using a patterned fabric.


Working on one leg at a time and with right sides together, sew from the crotch down to the bottom along the inner leg seam of the pant leg.  Repeat for both legs.  Use a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout this tutorial unless indicated otherwise.  A serger is helpful for this sewing project, but not necessary.  When you are not using a serger, be sure to use a ball-point needle on your sewing machine and a narrow zig-zag stitch or a stretch stitch.

DIY-Leggings-4RBTurn one leg right side out.  Open the top portion of the inside out leg and tuck the right side out leg inside.  Match the seam lines and adjust the legs until the one leg is exactly lined up inside the other leg.


Pin the two legs together around the center front and center back lines.  Be sure to match the crotch seams and then work out to match up the pattern extending to the waist.  Sew together.


Your leggings will now look like the above picture.  You may wish to stitch over the crotch seams a few times for reinforcement.


Turn the leggings right side out.  Now, we’re going to adjust the waistline to create a front rise that is a bit lower than the back rise.  Open the waist of the pants and pull the front seam to the right and the back seam to the left – see picture below.


Cut a gently curved line from about 1″ down on the front seam up to meet the top edge at the back seam.


Now, when you lay the leggings back out flat in front of you, you’ll notice the back waistband is higher than the front waistband (you can adjust the rise difference for your child, if you like – 1″ is a good average).



Cut a 1″ wide piece of elastic approximately 1″ shorter than your child’s waist measurement.  Place the two ends of the elastic together and form a circle by stitching a zig-zag stitch back and forth over the two ends.  Place a pin to divide the elastic circle into four equal parts.


On the inside of the pants waistband, match each pin in the elastic circle to the corresponding front, back, and side of the waistband.  Your elastic will be a bit smaller than the waistband.

DIY-Leggings-15RBSew the elastic to the top of the waistband, gently stretching the elastic evenly while sewing to fit it into the waist.  Do not stretch the fabric waist itself.  Be sure you’re using a serger or a stretch stitch here.

DIY-Leggings-16RBTurn the attached elastic into the waistband (toward the wrong side) and pin into place.


Use a narrow zig-zag or stretch stitch to secure the waistline hem by stitching about 3/4″ from the top edge.


Press the bottom edges of the pant legs up by 3/4″.  Use a stretch stitch, zig-zag, or twin needle to finish the leg hems.  All done!

Simple way to make DIY Leggings that turn out great!

Have fun sewing with the Riley Blake line of knits!  They have some houndstooth coming in that I’m just dying to get my hands on!  And some really, really sweet children’s prints.  Let’s see – I should probably add a link here for you to see the knits for yourself:  Riley Blake Knits here


Okay!  Are you ready for Halloween?  One week to go!!!  I banged out a sequin “movie star gown” for Grace this week and Olivia is excited to wear her Christmas dress from last year for her angel costume.   I still need to figure out some kind of warmth-providing cape for Addison because even though she said for ages and ages she was going to be a kitty cat again, alas, she’s decided on none other than Elsa.  And we know that costume was made for her summer birthday party.  Somehow, all my kids are ending up in handmade Halloween costumes, which is kind of awesome after all.

More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costume IdeasDo you have your costumes together yet?  Do you dress up as a family, just dress up the kids, put a lot of effort into your own costume?  I’ve been ignoring the looming deadline, but finally asked the kids what they want to be.  Thankfully, my little one assured me that she wants nothing more than to be a black kitty again, so it’s just the older two that need costumes.  eek!  The kids like to encourage me to expand my DIY Halloween Costume experience.  I tried to toss out ideas for some of the costumes that have been used in the past, but there were no takers.    Dorothy?  

Dorothy Costume Tutorial

Little Red Riding Hood?




princess-gownPrincess Sewing Pattern

Princess Dress Sewing Tutorial

Princess Gown Bustle Skirt Tutorial

ELSA???  Anyone?  Please?

Elsa Dress Sewing Tutorial No?  I have an order for an angel costume, so I can see myself getting way too carried away with the creation of some fabulous wings like this DIY Angel Costume:

DIY Angel Costume

I also have an order for “movie star”, which apparently means lots of sequins??…and an excuse for another trip to Jo-Ann!  Here’s my daughter’s inspiration:

Movie Star Costume

Wish me luck!!  At least I have my kitty cat ears done!  Here’s a so simple Halloween Headbands tutorial I shared over at I Heart Naptime last week:


Or maybe you just need to add a pair of easy DIY Leggings - I’m sharing a tutorial over at Riley Blake Designs blog today!


Here are links to even MORE Halloween costume tutorials and inspiration if you’re finding yourself in a similar position to me!  GOOD LUCK!!  You have two weeks – GO!!

DIY Halloween Ideas

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Fabric Keychain DIY

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

Have I ever shared with you my thoughts on SOCCER?  No?  Well….I never played soccer, nor did my husband.  I think between us, we’ve played every single common sport there is, other than soccer.  So no surprise that our little firecracker Grace came home insisting on playing soccer this year.  The season has begun and I’m trying to embrace the schedule, and the grass, and the dirt.  I’ve found a couple ways to help things run more smoothly.  First, keep folding chairs in the car at all times!  Second, keep all socks, shin guards, jerseys, cleats, balls, and water bottles in one place.

Tote with Fabric Keychain

Enter this (totally cute!) huge canvas bag that my friends at Jo-Ann sent me a couple weeks ago.  It seriously functions so well as a soccer stuff bag.  I can fit all of Grace’s stuff in it, plus my own small purse, snacks for the other girls, and a sweater!  What’s better is that it’s darker in color and made of a heavy canvas so the dirt and grass brushes right off and any stains blend right in.  I also added a couple keychain type gadgets – 1) so that I can hook my keys inside the tote AND 2) a longer one that I can hook dirty cleats to and hang off the side of the bag.  Still gives me free hands for carrying chairs and tired kids!  And the wristband style fabric keychain makes it SO much easier for me to find my keys when I want to toss them in my bag, or across the kitchen counter, or whatever!

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

This fabric keychain project is a cinch – it will take you less than 15 minutes to sew one up if you’d like – here’s a quick tutorial!

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

    1. Cut one strip of fabric 4″ wide by 15-20″ long.  Cut one strip of felt or batting 1″ wide by 15-20″ long.  Fold the fabric in half along its length and then press each side into the center making a strip with sides turned in, about 1″ wide.
    2. Open up fabric strip and place strip of felt inside.
    3. Turn one short end of the fabric strip in and press (about 1/2″).  Trim felt strip back so that its end is just beyond the raw edge of the folded in fabric.
    4. Refold fabric strip along its pressed creases and pin together.  Slip a keychain hook over the end and slide it down and out of the way.
    5. Wrap the fabric strip into a circle and slip the raw edge of one end inside the folded edge of the other side to form a finished circle.
    6. Pin the enclosed ends and stitch along this line to enclose the circle.
    7. Stitch along the open edge of the fabric loop to close up the strip.  Continue stitching lines about 1/4″ apart around the keychain for a neat, quilted look.
    8. To finish, wiggle the keychain hook down to one end of the fabric loop.  Stitch from the end to about 1/3 of the way up the loop, stitching through both layers of the fabric, forming a wristband at the other end. (see below)

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

Cute, right?Fabric KeychainIf you’d like to sew one into your canvas bag, I’ll tell you what I did – instead of sewing the whole thing into a loop, I just skipped steps 5 and 6; then, I ripped out a few stitches on the binding around the top of the bag, slipped the raw edges of the keychain under there, and sewed it back on.

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY

Tote with Fabric Keychain

You can find this canvas tote bag, as well as a few other styles, at your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  It can be purchased in-store only for $9.99 with any purchase of $30 or more.  I think that’s a pretty good deal!  Okay!  Have a great day – running around to….wherever you’re surely running around to!

Cute Fabric Keychain DIY


**I was compensated by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to share this post.  All opinions are, as always, my own.**

Fun Makeup How To + DIY Fashion and Giveaway!!


When I turned thirteen, my mom let me have a make-up birthday party.  I invited just a few friends and my mom’s Mary Kay® Independent Beauty Consultant came over with her many mirrors and bags of makeup and she taught us all how to hold the mascara wand and find the perfect shade of sheer pink lip gloss.  I remember feeling soooo grown up.  Although I haven’t had much in the way of makeup lessons since then my girly girl heart still loves to try! Mary Kay® sent me a humongous box of makeup with step by step instructions to do two complete looks based on two looks created by Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, Luis Casco, which were featured on season 13 of Project Runway.  I squealed like a kid in a candy store looking at my box of goodies.  Makeup plus Project Runway makes this girl happy!!!


The first look is the Emerald Smoke Look, which includes some fun green tones to dress up the eyes, a cream blush, and some awesome lip liner/lipstick.  I thought that I might make a complete mess of myself with all of the bold colors, but I found the cream eye color and cream blush to blend in easily and the mineral eye colors have a pretty shimmer that boost the classy factor.  I was maybe more conservative on the eye color and liner than I could have been; I think next time, I’ll add a bit more.  I don’t know that I would do up this eye look on any given Monday, but I think that it would be fun on occasion.  The lip liner and lipstick for this look might be my new favorite makeup items though.  I really love the color with my skin tone. This is one that I’d use on a daily basis.



Here’s how to create the entire Emerald Smoke Look:

  1. Apply Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color in Meadow Grass to eyelids as a base to make the color pop and apply Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Emerald on top. Brush Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Lime to the inner thirds of the eyes with the Mary Kay® Eye Smudger Brush for an eye-brightening effect.
  2. Line the base of your top and bottom lashlines with Mary Kay®Eyeliner in Black and smudge slightly to create a smoky look.
  3. Apply two coats of Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara in I ♥ black.
  4. With your fingertips or a clean Mary Kay® Liquid Foundation Brush, blend Mary Kay® Cream Blush in Cranberry onto the apples of your cheeks. Start sheer and build the intensity as you see fit based on your skin tone.
  5. Line lips with Mary Kay® Lip Liner in Cappuccino and top off withTrue Dimensions® Lipstick in Mystic Plum directly from the tube.

You can also watch a video of Luis Casco creating the Emerald Smoke look by clicking here.  To compliment this look further, he suggests adding natural textures like leather and snakeskin to your clothing choices and some sequins for sparkle!  Here are a few fun finds from around the web to make this look work! Emerald Smoke Look from Mary Kay + coordinating DIY ideas

Emerald Smoke Makeup Look  | DIY Gem Statement Necklace Kit  |  Snakeskin Neon Clutch Tutorial  |  Sequin Cardigan DIY


The second look is the Graphic Eye Look and it encourages a playful take on the cat eye.  This look was a ton of fun to try as it’s way out of my comfort zone.  The eye liner took me a number of tries to get the line straight(ish) and the “cat eye” angle right, but after I watched the video, I had a better idea of how to do it.  I appreciated the subtlety of the bronzing powders, too, because I don’t typically use them and I didn’t want to look like my cheeks were caked in makeup.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I actually really like the lipstick and lip gloss combo for this look, too.  It’s light and fresh and compliments the drama of the blue eyeliner.  My girls were really excited about this look and the blue on my eyes took me right back to my early days of makeup experimentation!



Here’s how to create the Graphic Eye Look:

  1. Apply Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone to eyelids as a base and brush Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Driftwood to the creases and under the eyes with the Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush to create depth.
  2. Apply Mary Kay At Play™ Bold Fluid Eyeliner in Blue My Mind in a very thin line from the upper inner corners to the middle of the eyes. Apply Mary Kay® Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black from the outer corners until it meets the blue eyeliner.
  3. Apply Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder in Light-Medium to the cheeks as a highlighter for a bronzed look. Apply Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder in Medium-Dark to the hairline and under cheekbones to create a really modern contour on the face.
  4. Apply two coats of Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black.
  5. Apply True Dimensions® Lipstick in Pink Chérie directly from the tube and top off with Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Au Naturel.

You can also watch a video of Luis Casco creating the Graphic Eye look by clicking here.  To compliment this look further, he suggests continuing the graphic theme with statement jewelry, a clutch with geometric patterns and a pop of blue!  Here are a few fun finds from around the web to make this look work! Graphic-Eye-look-collage

Graphic Eye Makeup Look  |  DIY Cobalt Blue Statement Necklace  |  Charm Watch Tutorial  |  DIY No-Sew Headwrap

I have to say that I’m loving the new supplements to my makeup collection!  Share which look you’d like to try in the comments below to be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a $100 VISA Gift Card, plus  a collection of Mary Kay® products to create one of the looks featured + some beauty essentials.

For more information you can visit Mary Kay® on Project RunwayFacebookYoutube, and of course, their website 

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Glitter Bow Headbands DIY

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Gosh, I love making headbands.  They take so little time and are inexpensive to make.  These Glitter Bow headbands can even be no-sew!  Two of my little ones still loooove wearing headbands and when they saw the glitter and sparkle on these pretties, they went a little crazy!  Make a few of these this weekend and the accessory drawer will be all restocked for heading back to school after the long weekend!

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Here’s how to make them!

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Gather your supplies; you will need:

  • 2 pieces of tulle, cut 10″ long x 4″ wide (this is 1/8 yard cut down into 10″ sections)
  • 17″ piece of 1/2″ wide elastic (glitter elastic available at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores)
  • 3 – 8″ lengths of 1/2″ wide ribbon (I even used bias tape for this gold headband!)
  • scrap of 1/2″-3/4″ ribbon for center of bow
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine or needle & thread (optional)

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 1:  Gather each piece of tulle into an accordion shape, pinching it at the center and working in the gathers evenly.  Place a dot of hot glue into the center of the tulle and pinch/press it down (using a granite counter top works wonderfully) until the glue cools and the accordion shape holds.  Repeat with the other piece of tulle.  Set tulle aside.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 2:  Fold each length of ribbon in half and form a crease in the center (or mark with a fabric marker).  b) Place a dot of hot glue at the crease mark in the ribbon.  Fold one side into the center and secure in place.  c) Work quickly or add more hot glue and fold the other end into the center to form your first bow shape.  Repeat with the other two lengths of ribbon.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 3:  Stack the three bows as shown in the picture above.  The first should sit straight on a horizontal line.  The other two should fall at a slight diagonal to either side of the center horizontal.  Use small beads of hot glue to secure each layer together.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 4:  Use hot glue (or a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine for added security) to join the two ends of the elastic to form the headband.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 5:  Hot glue the two tulle accordions side by side over the joined ends of the headband.  Hot glue the ribbon bow directly on top of the tulle.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 6:  On the backside of the headband, add a dab of hot glue and glue down one end of the ribbon scrap.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Step 7:  Wrap the center ribbon around the front of the bow, pulling taut, and then continue wrapping back to the underside.  Add more hot glue and secure this bow center in place.  Cut off the excess scrap and….

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

your adorable headband is complete!!!

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

You can substitute some scraps of lace for the tulle as well!  The grosgrain ribbon looks really nice as a bow, too.Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Had enough? How about this gorgeous “I lost three teeth in one week” smile?

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Or this, “Can I be any cuter giggling up at my sister’s window?” Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Gosh, they’re cute.

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew

Glitter Bow Headbands - Easy + no Sew
Alright, I’m done! Have a great weekend! Do something fun!


These headbands were inspired by some darling retail headbands found at Crazy8!